Jordan’s Telecom Indicators: Using Visual Tools for a Faster Review

When creating fit for purpose regulation and targeted policies in the telecom sector, regulators and their industry counterparts rely on key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress toward their goals. Praxata recently internally reviewed many of Jordan’s KPIs to gauge the transformation of its telecom sector over the past few years. While its regulator, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), regularly publishes a selection of indicators, it does so in multiple reports–up to four times per year. Additionally, and in some cases, it stopped reporting specific KPIs altogether.

To make our review easier, Praxata converted these PDFs into a compact tool that allows us to quickly visualize these KPIs. We were able to combine this with our other dashboards for an all-in-one visual analysis tool. A pared-down version of the Jordan-specific module is embedded below.

This tool makes visually identifying trends before digging into the deeper story easier. As an example, by switching between slower broadband services, such as Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) or mobile broadband, and much faster fiber, one quickly discovers a potential pattern of subscribers upgrading their broadband services to fiber optic. By quickly identifying this trend, which is increasingly prevalent in many markets, we can then perform an in-depth review of the underlying policies and business practices that promote such transitions in Jordan. Moreover, leveraging compact visualizations saves our researchers time and allows them to begin a comprehensive review much faster.